Working on your golf game

It’s spring, and most golf courses are just starting to awaken from a winter of snow, and a potentially wet muddy season. Perhaps your playing has gotten rusty from the prolonged hiatus, so here are some tips and advice to help you out, when you get back out on the course again.


Make sure to check your clubs and see if they’re still the best suited for you. Golf tech is constantly changing, and while the pros are typically the only ones who can keep up with the influx of new equipment, it still might be time to consider a change.

If you think you’re in need of new clubs, but you’re not sure of what to get, go talk to your local pro and ask what they’d recommend. If your local golf course offers rentals of new equipment, it might be nice to try something different out and see what you like.

Getting fitted

Most people swear by getting fitted, and we all know the pros are doing it. If you’re making a swing change it’s important to go get fitted to help you improve your swing.

Some pros swear by getting fitted often, always analyzing their gear to try to make major or minor improvements. If you consider yourself to be an average player you should stick to once a year. What better a time to get fitted than at the beginning of the golf season. Your body is constantly changing so go see what’s different after a couple months off of golfing through the winter.


As we previously stated, it’s hard to keep up with golf tech. There are always new things to try, from the latest shoes to over-sized grips, etc. But some things you do want to give a try. Some new developments in golf are popular for a reason, some people love them and they way that they effect their golf game. Don’t run the risk of being left behind by your golfing partners, just because you refuse to update your gear. Check some of it out, it may not all be for you, but you run the chance of finding something new that you love that really helps your game.

Take Away

The most important part of is remembering that you probably going to be rusty, and not to take it too hard on yourself. Get stretching to work on your muscles, and hit up a local driving range to work on your swing. Chances are you won’t be the only rusty player out there.