Golf Sixes

A new shortened version of golf has been introduced in England. Golf Sixes has hit the scene, with a short version of golf, in an attempt to entice more beginners into the sport. Golf tends to draw a smaller audience with slightly expensive gear, and longer games. To an observer, it can seem like quite the time and financial commitment. Shortening the game and offering a Golf Six version, is a great way to bring players in that may not have considered golf before.

Better odds

With fewer holes and a shorter game, beginners to the sport may feel like they have a better chance to play a better game. With a shortened version of the game it gives players a chance to feel better about fewer shots. Rather than play a longer game that you’re not used to, you get the chance to play a shortened version, giving you the chance to stay fresh and really work on your technique.

Reducing a longer game down to a Golf Six really gives players of all levels the chance to spend more time focusing on each stage and perfecting your shot and technique.

New players

Golf sixes are seen as the new gateway for garnering new golf fans. The idea is to encourage old fans to become involved again. Prior fans of the sport, may have been deterred by the length of a full game. On the same note, beginners may have been intimidated by the sheer length of a game. By shortening the game down to a Golf Six, the hopes are that fans new and existing will become interested in this new component of the game.

Another potential benefit of Golf Sixes is that it will draw people in with a shorter game, and that it will eventually entice players to invest in longer games. It could be just what golf needs to encourage some new fans to pick it up as a new hobby.

Take Away

While we have some time before Golf Sixes hits the states, it’s still an intriguing idea for local golf courses in Bend Oregon. If you’re interested in the game of golf, but are unwilling to commit to a full 18-holes, try heading to the driving range. Spend 30 minutes or an hour playing around, and see if you think a full game of golf is something you’re interested in. Once you become a real fan, you’ll hardly bat an eye at playing a full game.