8 Dos and Don’ts of Golf

If you’ve ever gotten out onto the golf course and wondered whether or not you were expected to do this or that, or what topics of conversation were taboo, you may need a few reminders of what is appropriate for a game of golf. Whether it’s a suggestion to your golf etiquette or tips for respecting the course, we all could use a little help in the ways of proper golf rules. Here are some common tips for playing a game of golf.


You’ve seen it in golfing movies or perhaps while watching a game on tv. A player takes a shot and yells “fore!” but perhaps you’ve noticed that most players have stopped doing that. We can’t explain why, but it’s important that you always remember to do it. Even if you think it’s unnecessary, it’s better to warn someone than to have someone get injured.


Be sure to always replace your divots. Just think of how upset you’d be if someone didn’t do it before you and you found the course in disarray. Fill them in, and try to leave the course as you found it.

Game Talk

It’s normal to have a good conversation going while you’re playing. But if you’re planning to talk about the details of the game you played last weekend, no one really wants to hear about it. Try to keep prior game conversation to a minimum.

Rough Day

If you’re not having the best day out on the course, you should know when to quit. You can’t expect to have great rounds every time you play. If you’re really struggling to play a good round, sometimes it’s best to give up and head home.

Practice Swings

While it’s always said that practice makes perfect, it is important to note that there is such a thing as too much practice. It’s normal to take a few practice swings, but don’t sit there and take practice swing after swing. If you make too many practice swings, chances are: you’re hurting your game.

Enjoy the game

Remember, while there are plenty of rules and suggested niceties to adhere to when you play golf, it’s important to have fun out on the course. If anything you’re doing is making golf less fun for someone, consider what you could do to change. If you’re not having fun, perhaps it’s best to go home today. Whatever it is, enjoy the game.