What to Focus on at the Driving Range

Spring golfing is almost here, which brings about the problem of how practiced you stayed over the winter. A great way to get comfortable with your swing again is to head to the driving range. The added benefit of driving ranges in the spring, is that most golf courses work hard to get them opened up as early as possible. The golf courses in Bend take longer to prepare and maintain that the range after the winter, so ranges are often up and running first.


Be sure to take a good stretch before you start swinging. If you haven’t played all winter, your body will thank you for taking the time to stretch before you hit the golf range. Once you’re there and stretched, take the time to start with smaller swings, slowly stretching out those muscles. Swing a club back and forth for a little while.

Start swinging

Work your way up through your irons. Go from your lowest irons to your highest, starting with a 9. Try warming up with a chip shot, and work your way up to your driver.

Once you’re ready to take bigger swings, take a swing with your driver. It’s important to look at the way the ball falls, and analyze if it’s hooked or not. Maybe take the chance to focus on or realign your stance.

Pick different areas of the range and practice hitting the ball there as if it were a hole on a course. Spend time trying to get it right. This will greatly improve your swing, and really warm your muscles up, especially if they’ve been sedentary all winter.


Don’t overlook the importance of putting. Be sure to devote at least 15 minutes for your putting game. It’s one part of the game that nearly everyone over looks, or hates to practice. But it can make or break your game.

Line up 10 balls and putt them from at least 10 feet. Spend time practicing your putt, or take the time to focus on chipping for 15 minutes.

Take Away

As we all know, golf is a mental game. It’s important to take it easy on yourself mentally, if this is your first practice at the driving range in a couple of months. Take the time to go through your clubs, and feel the difference in swing in each one. Spend time analyzing your swing, and making improvements little by little.