3 Women Golfers to Watch During 2016

Rising golf stars are the greatest people to watch. They are so focused on the game, yet they have great attitudes over their competition and skills that they bring the golf play to a new dimension. During 2016, there are a number of women golfers who you should keep an eye on. While we expect veterans such as Inbee Park and Stacy Lewis to make headlines, these 3 rookies
could create an epic upset that will be talked about for years.

Golfing Alone: Sometimes It is Better as a Game of One

When the early morning dew spots the grass, a lone figure stands out on the River's Edge Golf Course. The clubs are clean and the ball sits patiently on the tee waiting for the swing of the iron. The golfer breathes in the fresh morning air, crisp and cool over the Deschutes River, with his breath steaming out inches from his lips. With birds flying overhead, the golfer makes his swing with a solid "thwack" as the ball takes to the skies.

Play a Killer Game of Golf by Learning What Foods to Eat or Not Eat Before You Take to the Golf Course

Just like the weather and your health can impact your golf game, so too can the foods and drinks you consume in the hours before you take to the golf course. There are certain foods that can help or hurt your game of golf. If you should consume them anywhere from a few hours to 2 days before your tee time, you could notice a dramatic difference in your score.

Wondering if what you are eating could be hurting or harming your golf score? Here is a look at some examples of foods and drinks that will either improve or hinder your game of golf.

Do Sunscreen Golf Shirts Really Work?

The statistics are clear: golfers are at a higher risk of skin cancer than the average adult.  The reason isn’t as simple as being outside more. The golf course itself often increases a person’s skin cancer risk.  Features on the golf course like sand in sand traps and water in ponds can reflect UV rays back onto players, giving them double the sun exposure.  This can leave many players at risk of developing skin cancer in the future.

What To Wear For Winter Golf

For avid golfers, hitting the links doesn't end when the trees are bare of leaves in the wintertime. Instead, they get dressed up for the course to enjoy this exciting sport all year round. Yet when you plan to do some winter golfing, you have to dress appropriately for the colder weather so you stay dry, warm and comfortable. Here are several tips on what to wear from head to toes when you want to engage in some winter golf.

Head Protection from the Cold and the Sun

Golfing year round even in cold weather. How to prepare.


When the summer season ends and the golf courses begin to prep the course for the winter weather as the leaves fall, it's time for you to pack up the bags and say goodbye. No, it isn't time to say goodbye. If you are the diehard fan, or crazy as your golfing buddies like to call it, you will be right back out on the course as the temperatures dip into the low 40s and the dark storm clouds perpetually hover over the course.