Golf Sixes

A new shortened version of golf has been introduced in England. Golf Sixes has hit the scene, with a short version of golf, in an attempt to entice more beginners into the sport. Golf tends to draw a smaller audience with slightly expensive gear, and longer games. To an observer, it can seem like quite the time and financial commitment. Shortening the game and offering a Golf Six version, is a great way to bring players in that may not have considered golf before.

Working on your Short Game

Getting back to the golf course after a long, cold winter can be hard in many ways. Not only are you potentially out of shape, but it can take some time to get back into the swing of things. You may not be as comfortable taking that shot or put, and your body may have forgotten the best way to do it. So here are some tips for getting your short game back to where it needs to be.

Your Grip

Networking on the Golf Course

Most golfers hit the golf course to enjoy a little health competition, or simply because they love playing the game. Some golfers use their skill to improve upon business relations. A great place to schedule business meetings can be on the green. A golf course is also a great place to meet new people and make business connections. So work on your business savvy and enjoying your favorite sport at the same time with these golf course networking tips.

A Few Unusual Golf Rules

Most non-golfers don’t understand the appeal that golf has on its fans. To those that aren’t already familiar with the sport, it’s rules and scoring, etc., golf can seem slightly different. The scoring is odd, and the terminology isn’t used in other sports. With the odd golf rules that follow, it’s easy to see why golf is a phenomenon. Here are some of the wackiest golf rules we’ve ever heard of.