Winter Weather Tips for Golf Enthusiasts

Just because the weather has turned cold doesn't mean that you have to put away the golf clubs. There are Just because the weather has turned cold doesn't mean that you have to put away the golf clubs. There are

several advantages to playing a game of winter golf. You can find more tee times that are open to your schedule, and there will be less golfers on the course as you can play at your own speed. So long as you play by the winter rules, you can have a great game of golf. Check out the following winter weather tips so you can enjoy your time out on the winter course.

Dress Warmly

Keeping warm while still having full body movement to make your swing is the most paramount aspect when you are out playing winter golf. Wear layered clothing such as thermal undergarments, a sweater and a waterproof insulated jacket. This layering will help to keep you warm and dry while wicking the sweat away.

Also, don't forget to protect your hands, feet and ears. There are winter golf gloves for your hands as well as head bands and hats with flaps so your ears don't get too cold. Ankle-high golf boots and golf socks are recommended as they are waterproof and will help ward off frostbite to your toes. Eye protection is also a must as you will experience more sun glare. So wear some shades that offer 100% UV protection.

Walk the Course to Keep Warm

Don't bother with the golf cart as you will just shiver in the seat. Instead, consider walking the golf course. Walking will help keep your body moving and generate heat. Your body also won't stiffen up in the cold. Have some hand warmers in a pocket to keep your fingers warm during the walk.

Enjoy the Game with Lower Expectations

Realize this simple fact: the ball simply won't travel as far no matter how much power you put into your swing. The air is cold, your body is stiffer with the extra clothing layers, and the winter wind may work against you the whole time. So be prepared to just work on certain skills and enjoying your golf game. Don't be afraid to get creative, such as playing with different clubs to get the feel of ones that you seldom use.

Be Smart When Going Winter Golfing

Just because you scheduled a tee time doesn't mean that you have to keep it when the weather turns too cold or snowy. Keep an eye on the forecast and adjust your game playing if the temperatures or weather conditions become dangerous. If your hands or feet start to go numb, lose feeling or start to feel like pins and needles, immediately head back to the resort, hotel room or club room to warm up.

Playing winter golf can be a thrilling experience. It can also allow golfers to keep their skills in shape throughout the year so that when spring rolls back around, they can play with an improved game. So go out, bundle up, and hit the links.

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