Golfing Solo? Tips to Get The Spouse Out On The Links


Your normal golfing buddies can't make the tee time and you are itching to get out on the links. Yet playing by yourself isn't your style. Having someone to talk and laugh with while enjoying this great sport makes it even more enjoyable. Then you notice your spouse sitting on the couch wondering what to do on their day off.

You've just found your next golf partner. Yet how do you convince them to play golf on a regular basis with you? Here are some tips to make your golf trip with the spouse fun for both of you.

1: Don't Go into the Game with High Expectations

If this is their first time on the green, don't go in there holding a high bar for them to reach. They simply won't pick up the necessary golf skills immediately just by watching you play. You are there to have fun and practice your skills. Give your spouse the same courtesy and let them play at their own pace.

2: Don't Nitpick Your Spouse to Death

Your spouse will make mistakes whether they are a beginner or intermediate player. Nitpicking about every stroke they make, missed putt, or ball lodged into the sand trap can make your spouse feel like a failure and ruin the golfing experience. You wouldn't want a golfing buddy standing at your back making a comment every single time you made a wrong move with your club. Don't do the same thing to your spouse.

3. Keep a Steady Pace but Don't Rush

Remember when you were a beginner and held up the group behind you when at the tee? The same thing is going to happen when with your spouse. Just keep at your own pace, and let other golfers play through. Your spouse won't feel rushed to speed up and will be more relaxed, which can improve their skills in the long run.

4. Keep the Freaking Out in Check When They Try to Calm Your Temper

You are beyond angry over making a bad shot. You are cursing under your breath and your face is as red as a beet. Your spouse sees the tell-tale signs of anger and will do what a spouse does best: they try to mollify you. But their words only make you want to scream out in rage. While your golfing buddies would just sit back and let you curse it out and stomp around until your temper tapers off, your spouse isn't giving you the room to breathe.

It's important not to get passive-aggressive on them at this moment. They just want to help you calm down. Take a deep breath, count to 10 (or 1,000), and thank them for their words. Close your eyes, think of happier shots, and refrain from having a royal freak out that will make your spouse not want to return to the golf course.

5. Look for Good Moments During the Game

There will be some good moments during the game, whether it was a once-in-a-lifetime swing that scored a hole-in-one on the very first try, or just your spouse laughing at their own mistake by the 15th hole. Laugh and joke around with your spouse when they laugh, and congratulate them when they feel like they have made a great accomplishment. Sharing in their happy moments will make them more eager to go golfing the next time you are looking for a partner.

You can make a golfing trip with the spouse a success. Just remember to treat them with respect and let them have fun at the course. Then they will want to have many more tee times with you.